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About Gallaeciae Monumenta Historica



Gallaeciae Monumenta Historica (GMH) is a project of the Council of Galician Culture whose main purpose in publishing on the Web the rich medieval documentary corpus of Galicia and academic research related to it.


We designed a preliminar phase by digitalizing the twenty books of our Fontes Documentais para a Historia de Galicia collection. Now, in collaboration with other institutions that work directly in transcription, study and documentation of this corpus, we chose a very classical name to present the resource to the public. The name evokes the positivist tradition which was very common in many European countries to designate big works of compilation of the past (Germany or Portugal for example). 


By taking rid of the possibilities of the new technologies, our work goes through the original edition and transcription to a new, comprehensive point of view on documents. We tagged each of one extensively, trying to avoid the ambiguity of medieval docummentation and exploring concepts, personalities and places regardless the original book in which they have been published. You can cross the whole database, in the pursuit of people, places, monasteries or hundreds of concepts.